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About Us

About Riecotel

Riecotel Group is an Innovation & Technology firm incorporated in 2009 in Kenya and 2012 in Tanzania with the core objective of providing smart, sustainable, innovative and climate adaptive/mitigative solutions to a wide range of clientele such as Households, Farmers, Water Providers, Counties, Institutions, Transport Providers, Energy/Gas Providers, Real Estate Developers and Industries.

Riecotel Group has also been in the frontline of Corporate Social Investment/Responsibility by supporting various activities through villageRISE International; the CSR activities includes Supporting Planting thousands of Trees, Donating over 3000 books through village books initiative that now help various schools and libraries in Kenya & Tanzania. Supporting Talent Development in partnership with Talent Industry a top talent search and talent development company well known for their band-The CBK.


Riecotel Group has a vision of becoming a leading group in providing standard end to end technologies for powering utilities-as-a-service solutions and clean sustainable innovations in Africa by the year 2025.


To Deliver Excellence to our customers and stakeholders by providing Connected Clean Sustainable Solutions

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Solar- as-a- Service

Delivering Financed Smart Solar Energy Experience, they only pay for the Energy Consumed and Value Added Services Activated be it a rooftop solar pv system, solar water heating e.t.c


Calibration Services

Our Calibration Services offers Test, Repair and Calibration of Time, Frequency, RF, Power Measurement Instruments to various clients throughout East Africa.


Gas-as- a-Service

Riecotel Gas-as- a-Service deploy and integrate pre-paid(Pay- as-You- Cook) Cooking Gas metering systems to consumers and household thus ensuring access to clean and affordable cooking energy.


Water-as- a-Service

Riecotel Water-as- a-Service deploy and integrate pre-paid water metering and water quality monitoring systems to water companies and communities thus ensuring access to clean drinking water.


EV-Transport- as-a- Service

Riecotel EV-Transport- as-a- Service develops Green Energy Stations, EV-iHubs, EV Eco Cars Assembly and Hailing Services for EVs.



Our Telecoms division has been offering IT, Microwave, Fiber Optics & RF systems integration, rollouts and optimization services to various vendors and mobile operators in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania as well as managed services.

Riecotel Group has a vision of becoming a leading group in providing end to end technologies powering
utilities-as- a-service solutions and clean sustainable innovations in Africa by the year 2025.

Our Values

Riecotel Group, its subsidiaries and partners in pursuit of Excellence continue to build a Green Goal Culture
embedded on core values


“ The future of smart everything “

Our Core Values

Integrity: Carry out the work in good faith, delivering on the assigned responsibilities while focusing on maintaining transparency and accountability in the course of performing all duties.
Innovation: Anchored on continuous learning to acquire knowledge, skills and new experiences, continuously pay attention to national and international technological and economic trends and grasping the essentials of such trends. Creating customer value based on market and consumer feedback while applying wisdom and creativity to the greatest extent.
Impact: Every action for us must be geared to promptly serve the need while impacting positively to the end user and the society in general.
Team: Appreciating the uniqueness in individuals and differences in personalities as well as their diverse cultural backgrounds to deliver a common goal. Achieve high performance through teamwork with our clients and partners as well as within our internal teams, anchored on mutual respect and focused on the goal.
Sustainability: In all our operations, strategies and partnership is anchored on sustainable development where our business meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Team

Our multi-faceted, versatile engineering services team is made up of over 150 experts that can complement both your in-house teams and spearhead your projects at all levels.

Paul Ndolo

CEO & Founder

I am an experienced telecoms and energy professional with over 7 consolidated years