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Energy (Gas)-As-A-Service

Energy (Gas)-As-A-Service

Sunpawa Energy is a subsidiary of Riecotel Group-(experts in Telecom and Energy Integration) is a utility monitoring & management operator offering Energy-As-A-Service, Water-as-a-Service, Internet-as-a-Service, Transport-as-a-Service on Pay-As-You-Use Tariff using One-Green-Grid Smart Grid Technology built on Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics to deliver clean, affordable, efficient, reliable and sustainable utilities to homes, estates and industries.
Sunpawa offers utility (energy, gas, water, transport, internet etc) monitoring & management, carbon tracking & banking as well as solar system eWaste; Solar Systems waste after active life is arising as a new environmental challenge that needs to be addressed with current estimates of 31,000 panels (275Wp) being installed per hour in the world according to World Energy Council, IRENA 2016 Report.
We deliver to the end user a Financed Smart Solar Energy Experience, they only pay for the Energy Consumed and Value Added Services Activated be it a rooftop solar pv system, solar water heating, solar water pumping, solar charging systems, solar cold-storage system, solar street & security lighting, internet, water and transport etc.
Sunpawa Energy offers quality clean energy services at Affordable Cost (Pre-Paid Metering) and leverage on Smart one-green-grid Technology and innovative Clean Energy Station distribution model.

Our Energy Products

The company operates in Kenya and with a vision to expand into other East Africa countries. Kenya being at the equator has a higher potential of solar Photovoltaic, PV products than many other nations. Besides, the government has provided for an opportunity for local and international investors under Feed in Tariff (FiT) regulation in the off-grid solar market and solar lighting products. Moreover, the side in demand sparked by devolution, international energy access programmes, and urbanization is a great opportunity.

One-Green-Grid of Renewable Energy Systems

Offering value added services over Smart Solar Grid Network

Green Energy Stations Services

Stations are the core sales and distribution of clean economy products & services

Building Solar Solutions (BSS)

We enable Real-estate Developers to Install & bill tenants for solar power consumed or Rooftop-Solar-as-Service

Solar Water Heating-As-A-Service on Pay-as-you-Heat

For Homes and Industries Complete with digital controller for Control & Management of the System

Solar Water Pumps As-A-Service

Over one-green-grid we enable Developers & communities to manage and bill water on Pay-As-You-Pump Basis

Solar Cold Storage Systems

We Provide Cold Storage for Farmers/Fishers on Pay-As- You-Store Basis

Managed Solar Street Lighting Solution

To Estates, Counties and Institutions on Rent To Own Basis or Pay-as-You-Light

Sunpawa Shades with Solar Charging Stations

For Hybrid & Electric Bikes, Cycles, Cars, charging Phones and Devices on Pay-As-You-Charge Basis

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Management Solutions

Reduce your energy bills by up-to ZERO bills on full adoption of Renewable Energy

Consultancy Services on Renewable Energy Policy

Energy Efficiency, Climate Change & Enernet for industries, counties and governments

Solar eWaste Tracking & Management

over solar smart grid

Home & Office Automation as a service

over solar smart grid

Property Management as a Service

over solar smart grid

Data As a Service

over solar smart grid